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Download DTK ANPR SDK: Developer library for vehicle license plate recognition

In 2000 Navision software merged with Damgaard to form Navision Damgaard A/S which was later named as Navision A/S, this company released ERP solution branded as Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 2005 and was taken over by Microsoft. Apart from Dynamics NAV, Microsoft has three other ERP alternatives GP, SL and AX and a CRM solution. Microsoft took up an ambitious endeavor to unify all the four ERP alternatives to give streamlined single remedy that has been called off lately due to unsatisfactory results to one, now Microsoft is supporting and enriching all the four alternatives. Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP is more suitable to wholesale and distribution industry which needs industry unique options for adobe acrobat pro cheap efficient working. For supply industry it comes loaded with latest features like thing tracking and automated information capture system. It is also suitable for companies in cross-border company with facilities to handle multi-currency transactions, multi-language support and characteristics in financial direction for consolidation of info of different divisions and subsidiaries. Company analytics for Navision ERP supports online analytical processing services with interactive graphical representation of key performance indicators and tendencies and routines of the marketplace. Navision ERP applications’s system management program provides facility to design forms, customize access to other functionalities and menus according to the functions and duty, in addition, it allows the administrator to establish rights to access for data security and smooth operation for employees and subsidiaries. The administrator can monitors internet access.

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It uses SQL server but can also operate with a native database server called as classic, however SQL is in managing substantial information more able and comes with advanced facilities. ERP Navision comes for enriching programs and its capacities can be written like language with a solution set which is, this makes Navision ERP easily customizable software. There isn’t any requirement for the database which reduces the time in customization compared to other ERP options, the program itself can manage the interface and individual procedures for handling the database. Aside from distribution and wholesale this ERP product of Microsoft family has features for supply chain analytics, Human capital management, supply chain management, Fiscal management, customer relationship management, E commerce, manufacturing and flexible reporting and evaluation applications. These features make it a complete ERP solution and appropriate one for mid sized companies. Navision ERP comes with more economical licensing offers as compared to other ERP software’s with similar characteristics and facilities. Its scalability was appreciated by its users also and can grow according to the growing needs of the organization, Microsoft well supports upgrades. Like other Microsoft ERP options Navision also is tightly integrated with other Microsoft products like MS- Excel and office which makes it simpler to use. Together with Navision ERP integrates easily with other non- popular applications which can be used by the firms for options that are particular and Microsoft products. Microsoft supplies vertical solutions to many industries by means of its other products, smooth and simple connectivity of Navision ERP with such products now and in future also makes it more useful than others.

StreetwiseAdminDownload DTK ANPR SDK: Developer library for vehicle license plate recognition