About Us

What We Do?

Streetwise is a family run business specialising in Self Defence and Fitness, teaching traditional and modern forms of Martial arts / Self defence in Hemel Hempstead for over 25 years.

The studio was opened in 2000 by multiple world record holder and friend Paddy Doyle, and offers classes in various styles of self defence and types of fitness training, all delivered by talented and dedicated instructors.

As Decorum’s first full time Martial Arts Studio, Streetwise aims to increase confidence, self esteem and awareness of personal safety within the local community in which it is an active member.

Streetwise instructors have studied with top national and international instructors in their styles including Master Richard Hopkins, Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine, Paddy Doyle, Master Gary Fu, Master and Master Eyal Yanilov.

Streetwise believe that self defence systems can keep evolving through the collective experience of the association. If it works for you, use it!

Streetwise classes are taught in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere this does not mean that the students do not train hard or are not serious, we have found that Streetwise students learn faster and retain knowledge in this type of setting.

Questions are encouraged and individual’s opinions and experiences are used to test the techniques for the benefit of the group. If a technique is not working for a student’s body size or movement pattern (and they are doing it correctly) then it is refined or substituted for another that has the same application and outcome.

The Instructors

Who We Are?

All Streetwise Instructors are fully qualified and experienced in their styles and fitness training. Approachable and dedicated to passing on their knowledge and passion for the Martial Arts and Self defence.

Streetwise requires Instructors taking classes to have up to date basic first aid, insurance and be DBR checked.

Streetwise instructors have, and are still, training with some of the top and most respected national and international instructors in various styles of Self Defence and Martial Arts.


What They Say About Us

i couldn’t have chosen a better more supportive, fun club to go to every week and would recommend streetwise to any budding martial artist no matter age or background.”

Jonny Stockwell

Kickboxing Student

“I have been to many kickboxing gyms and mixed martial arts gyms and Street Wise is by far the least intimidating one so as a beginner it is just perfect.”

Joshua Ravenscroft

Training for the Stunt Register

“experience I feel Krav Maga is the most realistic and effective form of empty hand protection there is, and the streetwise team have a great approach and knowledge to pass this on.”

Rob Cooper


For general questions

Contact Information

Feel free to get in touch or ask any questions about training with all of us at Streetwise.

Address: 13 Rossgate Gate Gadebridge, Rossgate, Hemel Hempstead HP1 3LG
Phone: 01442 394 399 | 07977 109 233
Email: richard@streetwiseweb.co.uk

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